Of Heart Rate Monitors and Hungarian Dancing…..

23 May

So this weekend has been very good for me! It started off great by me leaving work early and proceeded to Hungarian dancing and will end in a nice lazy Sunday (minus the hour bike ride I’ll take later).

So after getting off work early Friday I immediately jumped in a taxi and headed to the Tesco (which is the European version of Wal-Mart). I ended up making these purchases!

Pretty good I’d say! The cherries were 50% off so I go a major deal there. And I stocked up on all the essentials like fruits, veggies, and yogurt!

Also in my trip I bought a HRM. Now I’ve been giving this some serious thought after I saw Jen at Prior Fat Girl‘s post about her HRM. I was a skeptic that I would even use the darn thing, but since I’ve bought it, it has been attached to my body (minus the Hungarian dance). This one is okay for now but when I’m back state side I’m getting a Polar one.

Saturday also turned out to be a good day. I got invited by my friend Moni to attend a local Hungarian music and dance program. After my initial apprehension on the fact that the program was 9 hours long and my Hungarian isn’t great I decided to go. I wanted to experience the local culture.

I had this snack to hold me over. Cherries and almonds…..Yummy!

And looked like this as I was headed out the door.

The evening consisted of the band.

And dancing.

Overall the weekend was amazing! The Hungarian dance was a good time and the 9 hours flew by! I would definitely go again!

In other news I started calorie counting last Monday and since then I have lost 3 lbs! Whoa. That was a big number for one week, so I hope it continues on until goal.


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