Grad school, travel, and volunteer work….

29 Jun

So another semi-eventful week in M.ovar.

I worked more this week because my boss was away in NYC (I was very jealous that she went stateside and I still have to wait!) so I had the kids. We had an excellent time. I took them shopping, (and it is the cutest thing to see them with their money pricing items to buy!) we bought pizza, and took a few walks!

It was my first time trying Vegetarian pizza! And I must say I didn’t miss the meat at all! So I could totally be a vegetarian if only I wasn’t an addict for chicken chimichangas!

I spent my free Sunday cycling around M.ovar. Even got a helmet. I’ve never biked with one and really I think vanity isn’t a good reason to stupidly ride around without a helmet. I finally realized this and luckily I did because I would rather be safe then sorry.

My boss picked me up these cool items. She knows me so well! She bought the magazine because it had recipes under 500 calories, she said she even checked to make sure the calories were listed! She bought me the livestrong bracelet because of my mother. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after I moved here, and my boss was basically the one who held my hand through the whole thing.

Trip wise, Munich is a no-go

photo shot by me the first time I was in Prague

and Prague is in!

Basically I planned to go back to Munich to meet with my friend Jane and to visit the family I use to work for. (Jane worked for the family across the street so it would have been perfect). However there was scheduling conflicts so I had to pass on Munich. Jane (a native Liverpool-er) is interning in Hamburg and I am here in Hungary so we picked a place that was in the middle….Prague.

Prague is not my favorite city. I’ve been there twice. The first time I went with a German friend of mine and we went all out. Air plane rides, fancy hotel, Prague card, etc. The trip was the most I’ve ever spent in my European travel! The second time I went it cost maybe 50 euro. I went with Jane+2 friends by train, we stayed in a hostel, and it was inexpensive! This time I will be going by bus….

So hopefully this trip to Prague is good! It will only be for the weekend, so I don’t expect to get to bored. I will probably arrange more day trips, as both Jane and I have seen what Prague has to offer. (I should probably stop visiting the same countries (and cities!) multiple times when there is so much to see!!)

Also, I have been giving a great deal of thought to volunteering once I leave Hungary in December. I have always been a big supporter of helping people in need and volunteer work. Unfortunately I haven’t been much of a volunteer since high school. Ultimately I wanted to do something big, like orphanage work abroad. I’ve been in contact with some places in Mexico and Bolivia about there independent programs. My only concern is these programs don’t go through an agency and I am safety conscious.

There are so many people that need help throughout the world. It is so hard looking at these websites because I wish I could do it all. I wish I had the funds to do it all! To volunteer with an agency it is around $1000-$3000 usd per program. I am a struggling soon to be grad student, so I’m not rolling in extra cash. If anyone has any opinions of volunteer groups or opportunities please let me know! I also plan to do a big project once I am back stateside in the states.

I have officially applied to graduate school!!! I have to wait to hear back, but I’m hopeful.

I applied to the that uni was not my first choice. I’ve planned to go to Boston University since I picked my major and knew that I wanted to either get my Ph.D. or law degree. BU is very expensive, and as a person who does not want to use student loans the uni I applied to is a more practical financial option. Plus, it isn’t a bad school. They are ranked #3 in the program for my major and it doesn’t hurt campus is 1.5 hours from my ‘rents! Now fingers crossed that I get in!

Wow, so my week was more eventful then I thought! How was yours?


One Response to “Grad school, travel, and volunteer work….”

  1. simplyshaka June 30, 2010 at 2:47 am #

    You got lots going on! Thats so sweet of your boss to get you that stuff, it's nice that you a support system over there.I am so jealous of your travels!! I am going to NYC this wknd but it seems like nothing compared to Europe.Good luck on the grad school app!

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