To act like a kid again!

3 Jul

So it’s been an amazing Saturday.

I got in two long bike rides. I’ve found that I enjoy biking so much. When I first came to Hungary I was wobble on the bike! My thighs hurt every time I rode and frankly I contemplated leaving the lock off the bike in hopes it would get stolen…..glad I didn’t resort to desperate measures because I prefer the bike now!…….Biking in Europe is common. There are bike paths everywhere here, so frankly it is very safe. The one thing I hate is crossing the street, but biking is practical form of transportation. In Verona and Munich I walked everywhere, since I was always in the center of town. Now I’m close enough to walk, but I’d rather spend 5 minutes on the bike as opposed to 20 by foot!

After cycling the kids and I went to the park……

Can you tell that I am concentrating on swinging! It is such a fun work out! I like to swing or play on the teeter totter with the kids….I may or may not be a big kid myself!

I found this at the Aldi. Sheep cheese. I’m not a big cheese fan unless it’s Gouda, then I’m all over it. But I wanted to try some cheese on my salad so I picked it up, and honestly it was because it said light and I understood what I was buying! (Being the blonde I am I actually translated that schaf meant sheep in my head before seeing the picture of the sheep! Yikes. )

and sprinkled it on top of my cucumber and tomato salad.

The verdict……Es schmeckt gut! Which translates to it tastes good! (German packaging..German review?)

And to celebrate the 4th of July I bought these….
Tortillas! I was shocked when I saw the Aldi had a little American section this week. Although, the food was rather sterotypical: marshmallows, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, etc. These products are hard to find in Europe! The tortillas I am glad to have found because I usually spend three times as much at the Tesco for less. Now if only they had Peanut Butter….

Happy 4th of July fellow Americans! Hope it is a good one!


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