No Excuses

15 Sep

It’s official…..I’m a Bearcat!

I found out last night that I was officially admitted into the one year MS program at the University of Cincinnati. I though I might have been since they sent me a new student orientation email before the acceptance letter, but I didn’t want to assume and be wrong! So I’m happy, nervous, and a million other emotions!


So I’ve admitted that when I was home on vacation I gained weight, no surprise there. What is the surprise is that I’ve continued to gain while here in Hungary. Gained to the point where I am back to 240. 240! I have no idea how I let this happen (actually I do, poor meal planning, no exercise…).

Last night I came to the decision, I could hide the amount of weight I gained and continue destroying my efforts or I could admit that I gained and fix the problem.

I decided the latter. I’m back to physically planning my meals (pen and paper) and calorie counting. I’m thinking of enrolling (again) in the local gym, the gym is only three blocks away. It was never about the distance of the gym, it was I never felt comfortable going there because my Hungarian isn’t great. But when it comes down to it I’m not going to let fear ruin my chance at health.

I probably could have lived in denial about the weight gain. I noticed in pictures my face is getting chubbier, I felt it my clothes, I noticed the lack of energy, and I could have made excuses to to justify the problem. But I wont. This is a NO EXCUSE zone. I’m going to be accountable for those pounds gained, and I’m not going to justify them.

I could live with the pounds gained on vacation. I’m not going to belittle myself for having a good time. What I will not except or justify is the weight I have gained since being back in my euro-home. That to me is unacceptable.

From now on there will be NO EXCUSES! It is time for me to put up or shut up.

Have you ever made excuses for weight gain? When did you decide enough was enough and got back on track?

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