what a surprise

16 Sep

Another day….Another Successful Day!

Not only did I mange to eat healthy, I also went to the gym!

That’s right, I biked to the gym (in the rain no less) and it was a blast! I really should have my head examined for these comments, right?! But in all seriousness I had a huge inner battle from leaving the house up until I was 10 minutes on the elliptical. In the end I completed my 30 minutes (starting off!) and had more energy after.

I also managed to get a workout at work! Turns out I had to do some furniture moving that ended up lasting HOURS! so I’d say I got my strength training in.

On the way to the gym I discovered this….

Six kittens!

They are living right outside my apartment door. At first when I heard the screaming I though a cat was in the bushes because of the rain and got stuck. I immediately started looking and imagine my surprise when I found these little guys. The mom cat was on the defensive so I left them alone and went to the gym. When I came back I of course took pictures!

So by the end of the day I successful got the mom cat to trust me enough that I could pick them up, and the kids gave them names. Luckily they were willing to give them English names (or what they believe to be English)….so we’ve got Rocco, Izzy, Robert, Michelle, Caffrey, and Lana. Oh and they named the mom Lady (because of Lady and the Tramp!) and I vetoed the dad being named Tramp, so he’s currently being called France……

ahhh a day in my life! Completely ridiculous!

Ever went outside of your house and found a surprise?! The biggest surprise I had was finding a fox on my back porch once, that’s rural Indiana for you!

How do you get/stay motivated for the gym? In Maryland I never had to fight myself to go to the gym….mainly because I went while getting paid for it at work, plus it was the Y so I was able to do fun water aerobics and classes.


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