Body Issues Part I

18 Sep

So I read something the other day that I have been thinking about ever since and wanted to share it with you. Mish at Eating Journey had this to say

“After this post I decided that I wanted to do something for myself, that shows who I really am. I can/could write all of the things which I hate about my body: wish I was stretch mark free, didn’t muffin-top, had a six pack. However, I have this the stage that it’s in. I have to love it, accept it for what it is…and look forward to its positive changes.”

She went onto display a photo of herself with positive things written on various parts of her body. She wasn’t criticizing her body, a theme seen to often in today’s society as body issues run rampant and everyone sees themselves as flawed. Instead she had positive things written about herself. First off I have to applaud her for putting that picture on her blog and say that I find it inspiring how she focused on the positive aspects of her body.

I’m sure that before I saw her post I would have focused on the negative. Plain and simple, I would have loved to be one of those people that see the glass as half full but I’m a realist and it has never been in my nature to do that. With that post it has opened my eyes, yes there is a lot about my body that I want to change (and it is something I am working on through diet and exercise) but at the end of the day I have to love myself to be happy. Even if I reach my goal weight I will not be perfect (I’d love to meet a person that is!) but with every bad there is a good.

At the end of the day we make the choice which way we see our weight loss, we can put ourselves down for not achieving the “perfect body” or we can except who we are and try to make ourselves healthier.

How do you view your changing body?

Do you have any advice on viewing your weight loss in a more positive way?


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