Shelly’s visit!

7 Oct

My friend Shelly came in from Ireland yesterday! It was exciting to have someone here that speaks English and understands Hungary and more importantly Mosonmagyarovar! You see 12 months ago almost exactly my job was Shelly’s job!

Shelly gave me this lovely gift…

And it smells amazing!

plus look at the wrapping paper!


I of course am a bad hostess. Every time my friends come to visit we always have to go to the Tesco! Every single time, and I actually have a lot of people that stay here, considering that I’m abroad.

Shelly didn’t mind too much because that was the first place she took me when I arrived!

There was something new…a tejautomata!

…. an automatic milk machine.

Isn’t my milk jug cute! I randomly found it in my house so I had to bring it. The machine is relatively new so I hadn’t used it before but I think I just might start.

Milk in Hungary is weird…..for me that is! The majority of milk comes in a box and hasn’t been in the fridge. I always find it to have a strange after taste. I am not a fan! The milk from the machine tastes as American as I’ve ever had abroad!

Oh and a fun fact….you can not buy fat free milk in Hungary or in Austria where I have looked. The lowest fat of milk is 1.5% followed by 2.8% and 3.5%.


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