The Prawn Ultimatum

1 Nov

Some of you might remember that not to long ago my friend Shelly came for a visit from Ireland! I talked about it here and here. What you may not know about Shelly is that she is an amazing chief and wants to go to culinary school. Well of course I want to help in anyway I can so I’m asking for a moment of your time to vote for her and her dish The Prawn Ultimatum; Slow Roasted Prawns on a Bed of Lemon Basil Pasta.

What I love best about her dish is she used local and oragnic produce!

Here is her story:

Why she should win Cheffactor:
I have had an interest in cookery from a young age but in the last year I have really started experimenting more with the dishes I have been making. I lived in Hungary for a year and traveled around Europe so my cooking is somewhat influenced by this. I love to use organic and locally-sourced ingredients where possible. I would love to win because I have both passion and flair for cookery and the prize would help me towards my goal of becoming a professional chef and opening my own restaurant.
About her dish:
I made pasta using organic pasta flour, organic eggs and organic basil. The basil and eggs both came from around Galway. I cut the pasta dough into tagliatelle, cooked it and then baked it in a lemon sauce, made using sour cream, garlic and the zest and juice of a lemon. I marinated the prawns in olive oil, white wine and garlic, with chopped streaky rashers and cherry tomatoes and then slow-roasted them. I presented the prawns and some of the sauce on a bed of the pasta with a wedge of lemon.

One Response to “The Prawn Ultimatum”

  1. shelly November 3, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    Thank you Meagan!!!

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