9 Nov

By now you should know that I love to travel and have a hard time staying in one place. I would love to be one of those people that is content living in the same area and doing the same things daily. Blame it on my short attention span or my love of trying new things, either way I just can’t seem to stay in one place for very long. I will have lived in Hungary for a total of 15 months when I leave in December. This is the longest time I have spent in one place since I was 18 years old.

I did briefly try the grown up route before I moved to Hungary. I was renting my own house, paying my own bills, I had a good high paying state job, and I was going to school. I had the life people want. Unfortunately it didn’t make me happy. I felt like I was just going in circles. I felt like I wasn’t living, or better yet I lived to work. I never passed up on overtime. I fell into a nice complacent routine. I am from a small town in Indiana, when you have what I had you don’t skip the country and decrease your monthly earnings by 200%.

In December I am going back home. In a way I’m scared. It was easy being home for the summer because I knew I was going to leave in a month’s time. Now I don’t know how long I will be there for. I don’t want to get trapped and be forced back into my old lifestyle. As I sit here and plan my life for when I go home it terrifies me. On one hand I want to do the normal thing, on the other I want to run off to another country.

Enter in Australia or New Zealand.

sydney-australia Sydney, Australia


aucklandcityscapejpg Auckland, New Zealand


I have been contemplating the move, talking about it via facebook and twitter and have received mixed messages. My Australian friends love the idea, my American friends not so much. The decision about possibly relocating was because I got scared of moving home and saw how easy it was to get approved for a visa to work there. I want to make an informed decision about the subject, and I am not sure the simplicity of getting a visa should be my deciding factor. While I have done a lot of great things in my life none of them have been spontaneous. I like to make lists and talk about subjects endlessly before committing. So you are bound to see a ramble or two about this in the near future, especially as the timeline gets closer for me to move home.


If you could live in another country where would you choose? Jobs brought me to Hungary, Germany and Italy, otherwise I am positive I would never have decided to move to Hungary or Germany on my own. I always liked the idea of moving to England (because my family is there) or Croatia (if only for its beauty).


2 Responses to “Australia”

  1. shellycoen November 9, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    I really can’t imagine you falling into a rut! It’s something I’m really scared of too though, I’ve been working for over a year since returning from Hungary and have yet to save money to move on again! Though I was reminded quite recently that i’m doing loads of stuff besides work, life stuff too, not just random faffing about so it’s not like I’m just existing rather than living. If you don’t want to fall into a rut you won’t let yourself. you don’t strike me as someone who would, you know?
    Basically I believe in you and know that you’re going to lead a really interesting life!!

    • Meagan@TIL November 9, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

      Aww thanks for that. When I left Europe the first time I went straight to another job in America in a place that I hadn’t been before. This time I go home. I have no idea how to do that. I am such a control freak, so moving home with my parents and having no job is scary. But you are right I won’t let myself fall into a rut, and if I do you can knock some sense into me virtually, ok?
      I am glad you understand this situation, not many people do! I am glad you have people telling you that you aren’t just existing, it is good to have a support system.

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