Birthday Wish List

10 Nov

Ever since I was young I have always given my mom a list of things I wanted for my birthday and Christmas. I wanted to ask for things that are practical and that would aid me in my weight loss efforts. Since my birthday is in less then two weeks I figured it was about time that I narrowed down what I wanted!

The List:

9.5 Elliptical


The elliptical is my go to piece of exercise equipment. I love it and it is the one thing I do not get bored on. I want to do a home gym in the near future. Investing in at least one piece of cardio equipment and a set of weights. This way I can be sure that I will work out and not use the gym being far away as an excuse.



Heart Rate Monitor

I have a heart rate monitor currently, however it is not very good. It doesn’t measure my heart rate half the time and well it is not very useful. I can’t decide which kind of heart rate monitor to buy because there are many types that all offer good quality. I like this Garmin forerunner because it measures additional things for running. Since I want to take up running full time I thought it might be a good long term investment.


Eclectrics All-Metal Stand Mixer in Carmine Red


I love mixers! They are so handy when cooking. I have a lot of kitchen stuff (if I can find where I’ve packed it) but sadly my kitchen will lack a mixer. I want to start doing more healthy cooking in the future and this will be perfect for the kitchen!




Okay this one isn’t really for weight loss, but it will help with blogging! My old camera I have had forever, since 2006! I like my current camera to a certain extent. However, it eats batteries like crazy and does not take good pictures at night. Since I like photography I think that this would be something practical to get.


il_570xN.137301327     Picture

This one moves away from weight loss and blogging altogether but I absolutely adore it! Not only is it a perfect saying for me, but it also features the Eiffel Tower. I have a lot of pictures framed from my trip to Paris, it was the theme in my library when I had my house, and it would make a great addition.


Now the majority of these things on my list are just wishful thinking! I’ll probably get one of the things I want. I’m not really worried, because I know that whatever I get I will be happy with. I don’t expect things from people, okay well from my mom I do! But she could give me whatever she decided and I’m sure I would like it.

I’m sooo excited for my birthday this year because I will be in Ireland for it!!!


One Response to “Birthday Wish List”

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun November 11, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    I have a wish list for Christmas right now and the top contenders are the Insanity and TurboFire DVDs for me to use at home after I have this baby. I would also LOVE a Garmin and a new macro lens for my camera. Totally a fitness blogger’s list. LOL I love your list too.

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