Flashback-Verona, Italy

14 Nov

Another Flashback post! I might just fall into a routine with these weekend flashbacks.

I decided on Italy because that is where it started for me. Verona was where my love for travel and my passion for learning about other countries was developed. During my time there I made amazing friends, ate amazing food, and experienced an amazing culture. I think it is safe to say my time there was amazing!


I was a week into being 20 years old when I took off for Italy. Going in I knew it was going to be a short term position (7 months) because I had a job in Germany lined up immediately after. It was by chance that I got offered the job, mainly because I forgot that my resume was posted on the website! and because I had time between jobs. In three weeks time I rented out my house, had my passport rushed, and was on a plane. It was a nerve racking experience because I had never lived so far from home, in a strange land with a different language…. The job was taking care of four young Italian children, boy did I have my work cut out for me!



I lived in a small village outside of Verona, called Trevenzuolo. It was such a small village with a close community. I was always running into people I knew (well the English speakers) and was known as the English girl in the town. The town had one supermarket and a total of three stores (two small clothing boutiques and a paper shop). I really liked the small town atmosphere, it defiantly made me have to learn Italian and quick. When I went to Italy I knew two words, “Ciao” and “Bella” and Spanish. Within the first week I knew a lot more. Knowing Spanish was important because it is similar to Italian, however you can not get by with Spanish alone. Out of all the languages I know Italian is my best (behind English of course!), because I used it a lot, with the little kids and with the other towns people. I go back to Italy enough that my language skills haven’t gotten rusty, and I am always surprised how much of the language I have retained when I go back for visits.



The village I lived in was in the Provence of Verona and was located 40 minutes away. I went to Verona a lot during my stay, although there was only one bus in the morning and two at night! Verona is known to most people because of “Romeo and Juliet”. There is actually a great deal of the city dedicated to these characters and it is especially popular with tourists. I liked walking in the city, stopping at cafes and sitting and people watching. It was such a relaxed environment most of the time.


Juliet’s statue. It is said that if you rub Juliet’s right breast you will have good luck.


“Romeo, Romeo….” Juliet’s balcony.


You are supposed to write a letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend on this wall.


The Arena di Verona. It is a fun place to climb around in! In the summer they still have opera performances there.


It is perfectly normal to see paintings on buildings, in fact it is common yet still beautiful.


A view from the bridge in Verona.

When I went to Verona I was armed with the knowledge of Italians from my time living in New Jersey, which was of no help! Everything I expected (I don’t known I kind of expected a Mafia presence) was not at all what I pictured. I have lived with Southern Italians in New Jersey and the culture between Northern and Southern Italians is very different. I loved learning about Italians, gaining insight into how they viewed Southern Italians and learning some superstitions (single ladies, do not let a broom sweep your foot you or you won’t get married!). My time in Italy was the best time I have had living in any European country. I think Italy ruined me for Germany and Hungary because they could never live up to it!


2 Responses to “Flashback-Verona, Italy”

  1. Laurie November 17, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Italy sounds like such an amazing place. My Mother-in-law is from Germany but sadly my husband has never had the pleasure. The place I’d really like to visit is the U.K. I’m not sure exactly why I have such a strong attraction to it. Perhaps I was there in a previous life. 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to visit Europe. It’s on my bucket list. In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through you and your posts about your time there. One day you will have such wonderful stories to share with your children.


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    […] creepy thing about this visit is December 5th, 2007 I arrived in Trevenzuolo for the first time, I realized this on the plane as I was looking at my passport stamps. I am […]

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