3 Dec

I’ve probably used that title a million times!

I woke up at a ridiculous hour today, because I might have waited until the last minute to pack, only to find that M.ovar was covered in snow. I thought my flight was going to be canceled. It wasn’t! I went with Gabor to drop Agi off at school in Austria, we were almost in an accident because a guy was speeding and slid on the ice, he came inches from hitting up and ended up losing control and hitting the guardrail (he was fine, and minor car damage), it was very scary to witness. Then on our trip to the airport in Bratislava we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic forever. All of the roads in Slovakia had massive amounts of traffic. Luckily we made it there in time and I was able to catch my flight!

Which means I have arrived in Italy and it means I have already had pasta. Which wasn’t a surprise because for the 7 months I lived here and the subsequent visits I always am served pasta for lunch. I am not exaggerating in the slightest. Oddly enough I never ate pasta before Italy and didn’t get bored of it.

The creepy thing about this visit is December 5th, 2007 I arrived in Trevenzuolo for the first time, I realized this on the plane as I was looking at my passport stamps. I am amazed at this. I didn’t plan for it to happen, and it is rather fitting seeing as how I started my travels here and as they come to a close I am here where it all started. It is very sentimental. I’m positive this will not be my last time here, as I’ve already got plans to visit in August.

Do you have a city you keep coming back to? Mine is definitely Trevenzuolo and Prague.


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