Verona, Birthdays, and the Feast of Bones.

6 Dec

My time here in Italy has been very busy. The family I am staying with (Spagnolo’s) have had a very busy social calendar for me so far, and I will admit it has been amazing!

Saturday when Teresa was finished with school we went into Verona. We took the train which took us 15 minutes, the whole time I lived there I traveled with bus and it took an hour! Imagine my surprise when I found the quickest option years later!

 S5001535S5001536 S5001538 S5001540

We ended up taking the scenic route on on walk to the city. It was about a 20 minute walk with amazing picture taking opportunities. The only bad thing about this area is that it can only be walked in during the day as at night it is overrun with Gypsies and is not a safe area. And a fun fact is that the city uses goats to cut the grass in certain areas of the park because the hills make it impossible to use a lawn mower. 

S5001541 S5001544

The gates of the city.

S5001545 S5001546

The roads. It is not practical to walk on these roads in heels, learn from my mistakes! Fashion is not worth the potential injury!

S5001547 S5001548 S5001550 S5001551 S5001552 S5001554

Piazza Bra. The first main street in Verona. There Arena is located here, as well as a variety of Christmas market food venders. The star that is coming from the Arena is put up yearly at Christmas time.

S5001560S5001557 S5001559  S5001562 S5001563 S5001564 S5001566

Our next stop was Piazza Erbe where there was a better Christmas market, full of gifts, souvenirs, and fruit! The giant Christmas tree really gave it a Christmas feel!


 S5001576  S5001574

S5001570No trip is complete without a stop by Juliette’s house. Okay, we only stopped because it was on our way to the bookstore! Terry kept saying how “Schifo” (disgusting) the walls were because of the graffiti and gum plastered everywhere.And nothing says Romeo and Juliette like two pairs of soccer players legs!


We ended our trip with the 1000 calorie frittelli.


Saturday evening I accompanied Terry to a birthday party of her friend. Luckily I knew a few people there and was able to make conversations in English! It is to difficult for me to think in Italian. I have a hard enough time translating, let alone speaking it!


S5001585 S5001586 S5001588 Somehow we all managed to look like we were crazy. I honestly need to work on taking pictures where I don’t have “crazy eyes!”.

Sunday we attended the Feast of the Pig Bones, which is a yearly tradition in Castel Bel Forte in Mantova.

S5001592 S5001594 S5001596 S5001599 S5001600I ended up eating Veronese risotto, although you could have ordered bones and lots of meat! It was a fun time. I knew all of the younger people there from the New Years Eve party I went to.


Mario modeling with the castle. It is funny because all of my American friends adore Mario. He obliged and let us take this picture for them (although at one point he asked for 5 euro!).

Today I am going to visit with the family I previously worked for and am going to the piano recital of Teresa and Davide. Tomorrow it is back to Hungary for me! I am so sad to go!


One Response to “Verona, Birthdays, and the Feast of Bones.”

  1. Laurie December 10, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    What great pictures. It’s too bad that all the graffiti had to ruin some of the buildings. I guess you’ll find that anywhere. Still I can see you had a wonderful time. I envy you for all your travels but am thrilled that you have the opportunity to go. One day you will have some amazing stories to tell your grandchildren. 🙂 “Ciao”

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