Losing Weight on Vacation

14 Dec

Normally I attribute losing weight on vacation to the absurd amount of walking I do! Let me tell you by walking on vacation (especially in European cities) you save money and get to see sights that you might normally miss! Since I am sans car in Europe I did a great deal of walking and built up a good endurance level…..that is when I am not wearing high heeled boots! For Italy I went with fashion over comfort and trekking around in Verona was….challenging! I knew that I wouldn’t be walking much on this vacation as it was a visiting friends over being a tourist, so I knew I would not be losing weight by walking alone.

I lost 3 lbs on vacation to Italy. Absurd yes? While I ate tons of pasta, pizza, risotto, and bread I did so in moderation and cut out any snacking. I’m a snacker so I was pleasantly surprised that during my trip I didn’t want to snack. I ate like an Italian as Simonetta prepared all of my meals! It was probably due to the fact that they were balanced meals with carbs, meat, and veggies that I wasn’t in a constant search for something to snack on between meals and I was busy most of the time so I did not mindlessly eat.

There is no secret to losing weight on vacation. I would definitely not miss out on local dishes, but eat in moderation and walk, walk, walk!


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