I’m a clothing hoarder!

19 Dec

As you probably already know if you frequently read my blog, that I am moving. I absolutely hate moving, if only because of the packing process! I move frequently so you would think I would be a master at packing/unpacking, but unfortunately I am not. My procrastinating tendencies also make packing extremely…..painful!

Today I realized just how much of a clothing hoarder I am! I mean look at these stacks of clothes. I could probably pack two suitcases for clothes alone.


S5001783My keep pile so far. It will definitely need to be gone through again and more stuff taken out.


S5001784The giveaway pile. It is about 1/5th the size of the keep pile!



Coats/scarves/hats/gloves. I honestly do not think I need to bring the 7+ jackets I have acquired while living here.


Shoes! The sad thing about this pile is that I already took home a lot of shoes this summer.

I’m going to refrain from going clothing shopping in the next 3 days!


One Response to “I’m a clothing hoarder!”

  1. Laurie December 21, 2010 at 7:06 pm #

    Purging your closet is such a painful process but necessary when moving. Just think about all the new clothes you can buy though when you’re moved and settled in. Maybe that will make the process a little easier. 😀

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