I’m moved

25 Dec

I am finally back Stateside. It was a long and difficult journey. Okay not so difficult, but definitely long. It took about 24 hours total, but then again I had to go  from Hungary to Vienna, London, Chicago, Louisville, and then the hour drive to my town. I was lucky in the fact that most flights were canceled in/out of Heathrow all week, luckily the day I flew was the day they opened again so my flights ran. I met so many people in Vienna who were stuck there for days, and it was not something I wanted to experience.

Bad news was that my flight didn’t get into Chicago in time, so I almost missed my last flight. I ended up having to abandon my luggage in Chicago and rush to catch my flight. Luckily the flight was delayed also so I just managed to get there right as they were boarding. Eventually I made it home were my mom was waiting to pick me up from the airport. I also saw this car when we were leaving…..I can honestly say that I have never seen a car dressed up like Rudolph while living abroad!


I ended up packing all of this in my suitcases:

 S5001788 S5001790


The one thing everyone wants me to bring back when I visit from abroad is candy. European candy puts American candy to shame. Hands down. And check out the stack of language books I have. Almost all of them are Hungarian(Magyar), and German.If you think that is bad you should see the amount of language books I have in my library…Once I’m settled again I will show you.

My last day in Hungary was the day before Agi’s birthday so I gave her her gift (a dog puzzle) that we ended up putting together. We also ended up cracking walnuts to make Christmas cookies.

S5001795 S5001798 S5001804S5001799 S5001800 S5001801


It honestly does not feel like I have left Hungary for good. The day I left I must have said that a million times because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was leaving! And even now that I’ve been gone a few days it feels so strange!


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