Christmas 2010

12 Jan


Christmas 2010 I spent in America! I was so excited to be home and spending the holidays with my family.

I ended up conning my mom into giving me a Christmas gift early! I didn’t want to wait, because I am impatient of course! She ended up giving me this super cute wallet. It goes perfectly with the purse I “borrowed” from her a few years ago! It also was a nice phone carrier before I switched from my blackberry….

S5001816S5001817    S5001818

I was woke up several times in the middle of the night by my very excited little sister, luckily my mom made her wait until 6:30 before we all got up and actually went to present opening. It is so much fun to celebrate Christmas with kids that are excited for the holidays.


S5001825S5001824 S5001826


I decided to paint the family dogs nails to match mine, much to the dismay of the dogs who are not pampered Chihuahuas at all. I tried to wrestle them into Christmas sweaters but they were not having it!

S5001886 S5001884 

In between Christmas breakfast and lunch I ended up laying on the couch with the Chihuahuas and the family cat while watching Despicable Me. It was an interesting Christmas afternoon!

S5001831 S5001832



The cat proved to be super lazy and I found him hanging out under the table a few times while we prepared for lunch!


    S5001845 S5001846 S5001839S5001848 S5001849 S5001850 S5001857  S5001860 S5001861 S5001862 S5001864S5001858


I imported Christmas “crackers” from Ireland for our after lunch treat. My mom was happy because it reminded her time of growing up in England. Unfortunately they were only mini crackers but they were still fun. They came with a joke, and a paper hat. I wore mine for all of the 5 seconds to take the picture and it quickly came off!


S5001865 S5001866 S5001868 S5001874


Christmas was great! I hope you all enjoyed yours even though this post is about a month late!


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