Chuck E. Cheese & Chobani

13 Mar

But not together;) While I am a fan of weird food combinations, somehow I think those two together might be pushing it!

If there is something I have learned it is that sometimes random opportunities bring about fun! To be honest the only plans I had for today were to go to the supermarket and to catch the Duke game. (I live like a 60 year old not a 24 year old!) My mom called and asked if I wanted to join her, my little sister, and some family friends for the day at Chuck E. Cheese….while I loved Chuck E. Cheese as a kid, I was kind of skeptical. However after five minutes of enthusiasm from the kids I found myself having a blast!

I ended up eating a slice of cheese pizza…..



With good company!


In all the excitement I did keep track of what I was eating, but at the same time did not let it consume me. I had fun and that is ultimately what matters!

2011-03-08 13.27.23

Also when I was out I was on the hunt for Chobani! I live in a relatively small town, so I usually have to drive an hour into Louisville if I want anything good, such as Whole Foods or specific products. While our Kroger sells Chobani, they are always out or have only vanilla (which I don’t like). So today while we were shopping I was on the hunt for my latest obsession The verdict wasn’t good as most places were out or only sold the standard strawberry, blueberry, etc. What I really want is the new flavors! I tried the black cherry, and love it! My friend Kris over at Kris’s Journal to Health actually clued me in on the new flavors and gave me recommendations, so it is super annoying that I can’t find them to try them out!

A very successful day otherwise. Had a blast with the kids, managed to get some super fun ingredients for some upcoming recipes, and caught the Duke game (although I watched it on DVR after the fact!).

Any food you drive all around town looking for? I usually don’t. To be honest the only thing I actually travel to multiple stores for is Chobani. I will however travel to go to Whole Foods or Sams…I miss I lived in a metropolitan area!


One Response to “Chuck E. Cheese & Chobani”

  1. Sparklingmimi March 14, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    I love Chobani yogurt…I’ve tried others but I think Chobani is the best. I don’t drive all over to find a specific food but will plan trips to Whole Foods or Trader Joes (about a 45 minute drive from me) when I have a list of things I need. I hope one day they decide to build a Whole foods a bit closer to me. 🙂

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