Sports Sunday

13 Mar

If there is one thing you should know about me personally I love sports. I could spend countless hours watching or playing sports. I especially love basketball and football so on my lazy Sunday I combined my favorite free time activities and got in some exercise!

For today’s exercise I ended up running around my yard throwing the football to my dogs, the best part is they don’t bring the ball back so I had to chase them down to get the ball from them! What a way to get some fun exercise and running in. I think I will take fun outdoor activity over a stationary treadmill any day!

 S5002162 S5002164 S5002167 S5002168 

The other part of the sports Sunday was spent watching Duke of course! Very excited that my team won the ACC championship (especially since they beat UNC!) and got a #1 Seed.2011-03-13 15.04.19(Excuse the mess in front of my TV! In the middle of some spring cleaning!)

It is still pretty early and I still have a lot to get done, I need to do some meal planning for the week and more cleaning!


One Response to “Sports Sunday”

  1. Sparklingmimi March 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    Happy to hear your team won! I prefer a bit of outdoor fun over a treadmill too. Although, I don’t have a dog to run around with… But I do have a 5 year old grandson. 🙂

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