International Dinner Night

3 Jun

It is no surprise that I love all things international: the places, people, languages….and food. Well since the move I have discovered more international dinning that goes beyond Chinese and Mexican. There are so many places that I want to try (in moderation of course). So far I have been recommended to Vietnamese, Ethiopian, and Nigerian, and honestly I can’t wait because it will be a new experience.

Last night I went to Havana Rumba with my new Louisville friend Chyla, who is a great influence and has introduced me to Zumba and step aerobics classes!

2011-06-02 19.04.36


We started off with amazing bread, which I could have ate as the meal! The butter was amazing, but I had no problem limiting myself to just one.

2011-06-02 18.52.26

And for dinner I had this, Fricase de Pollo.

2011-06-02 19.03.34

Which consisted of boneless chicken and potatoes, slow cooked in a wine tomato creole sauce. Served with rice, black beans, and sweet plantains. It was a lot of food and made for two meals.

Chyla ordered the Camarones al Ajillo

2011-06-02 19.03.51 

It was a great meal, and I discovered that I enjoy Cuban food. I can’t wait for the next foreign experience!


One Response to “International Dinner Night”

  1. Grace @ Healthy Dreaming June 3, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    I’m a big fan of Cuban food since I live in Tampa. LOVE it and your food pictures look delicious.

    I love trying out new food and I’ve been meaning to try out this Ethiopian place in town.

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