Kitchen overhaul

8 Jun

My kitchen was a mess. A hot mess. Luckily I have an amazing mother who came over and cleaned my house, well all except the fridge. That was my job…..

and I would rather avoid the kitchen at all costs lately. I am one of those people who buys produce and it wastes because I don’t do anything with it. Well I decided to change all that and organized the fridge and made some prepared meals before the items went bad.


The before….




And after….



I love the organized look. I moved all the healthy stuff up front so it will be easy to reach for. I am lucky to have good friends as Chyla donated most of my freezer stuff. She stocked me up on a lot of chicken and turkey products, so I will need to be making meals in the future and not relying on prepackaged meals.

While organizing I prepared some….


hardboiled eggs


Greek salad


homemade ice cream

S5002235  and some fruit smoothies

All the while I had a little helper….This little demon attacked me the whole time I was in the kitchen since she thought it was play time.



I’m really happy with the new kitchen. I want to start using the kitchen to prepare healthy meals and move away from processed foods. The first step is the kitchen organization and pretty soon I will be a chef in my own kitchen!


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