Christmas in mid-January

26 Jan

So things are still hard, I’m not sure at this point if they will ever be easy. I am really lucky that I have amazing people in my life who give me encouraging words and even let me cry and get snot all over them….let me tell you I am a very unattractive cryer!

This week I was able to hang out with my Louisville BFF, Madelyn. We ended up meeting up at the Olive Garden for dinner and finally exchanging Christmas presents! Yes…it is mid-January!

Good food…I hate the cheese ziti. There was soooo much I ended up taking most of it to work the next day.


We exchanged gifts in the car…..Madelyn didn’t want to do it in the resturant because people might judge us for exchanging Christmas gifts mid-January!


I ended up getting such cute things from her like my new Turbis, because really who can have enough water bottles? (Maybe I am a bit obsessed?!) and I got some awesome texting gloves…and I hope I never get to use them, because I hope it doesn’t get that cold!


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