Pinterest fun

9 Jul

This weekend was fun. It started off great, my first weight watchers weigh in I found out I lost 4.6 lbs!! Was super excited, all my time in the gym ended up paying off big time. Was proud of my accomplishments and feel more on track than I have in a long time.

I ended up going into the city, spent all day in Louisville. Went to lunch with my cousins. Great catching up and was good to spend time with the extended family. Once I left I went and got Madelyn, and of course we went for forgo!… It has now become the thing we do,


We also went shopping, to see the movie magic mike….and a random trip to home depot. Madelyn and I always like to pretend we are more crafty than we really are! I think our last craft was no sew blankets and that was ages ago. So we discussed our pinterest board and came up with the make-up oranizer.



We had so many choices on spray paint!


All the supplies. We ended up getting a cookie sheet, spray paint, and magnets. Pretty simple, once I figured out the spray paint business!


Finished product!


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