Shoe Love

30 Jul


Today I met up with fellow blogger Tasha at What I Gather. I was introduced to her through the Healthy Living Blogs. We ended up going to Quills, a local coffee shop in New Albany. I had such a great time talking to her and learning about her blog and herself. It was definitely nice to meet a fellow blogger, especially one that I instantly liked!


I ended up buying some new running shoes this weekend. Spent only $5.50 on a $70 pair of shoes. They were marked down and I had $50 in kohls cash that was expiring that day so it was perfect. I’m a Nike girl. All of my running shoes are Nike, but I didn’t like the style of the shoes available. While I love hot pink I couldn’t wrap my head around buying shoes that color.

This is my first pair of new balance shoes. At first I didn’t like them. Something about the bottom of the shoes was strange to me, but after wearing them for a little bit they ended up being comfortable!


So I wore them to the gym! I was having a problem where the impact of me using the arc trainer was hurting my foot. I would have a stabbing pain in my foot. I didn’t like the feeling, and I’m pretty sure it was because I needed new shoes. I tried these out and sure enough no stabbing pain.


I did a 5 minute warm up on the elliptical, 30alternating weights and stair step, 10 weights, 30 intervals of the arc trainer, and stretching with weights. It was tough. I am new to intervals and it kicks my butt. I like it though because it gives me extra energy. I also really enjoy weigh training. I can see a lot of differences in my muscles and strength.


Following the gym I went to the grocery, poor people at the store. I am sure I was a stinky mess! I ended up buying lots of fruits and veggies! I’m trying to incorporate both into my diet and stop relying on proceeded foods.


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