Queen of Sheba

23 Aug

On Sunday I met up with Tarah for an Ethiopian lunch. We ended up going to Queen of Sheba. I have never had Ethiopian and it was a little nerve racking to try it, but I want to be open minded with the food I try so it was a great experience.


We ended up sharing a plate. I had the Doro Lega Tips, served with injera and kik wot. Ethiopian is interesting in that you don’t have utensils. You use the injera, which is like bread, to scoop the food up and it eat. This was hard for me to wrap my mind around. I am the person that avoids ribs because they have to be eaten with your hands and I eat my pizza 90% of the time with a knife and fork. I wanted my experience to be as authentic as possible so I used the injera until the mess became to much and I switched to a fork! Maybe next time I will make it all the way without the fork.


Here is an example of the menu.

I am definitely happy that I have found friends that want to try different ethnic food and want to go beyond Mexican and Italian. Louisville has a lot of dinning options, and I hope I can try more in the near future!


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