Huber’s Orchard

26 Aug

Went to Hubers Orchard today. I haven’t been since I was a kid picking pumpkins. For some random reason it came to me on Friday night to go and pick apples.


Jonathan and Gala apples were in season. They also had raspberries, grapes, peaches, peppers, and eggplant that we’re able to be picked.


I decided to just pick apples. While it would have been fun to pick other fruits and vegetables, I didn’t have the time to justify spending all day in the fields. But I definitely can’t wait to go back soon.



I ended up going with my cousins Becky and George….also known as my recently adopted parents! I mean who else is going to humor me when I call all excited like a kid at Christmas saying that I wanted to go pick apples….


The fields ran for miles and miles…. It was nice to escape the city and be able to enjoy the nature of it all.


What’s a trip to an orchard without some wine! Luckily it was open. Indiana has an alcohol ban on Sundays so usually purchasing alcohol on a Sunday is impossible. I bought a peach, strawberry, and spiced apple wine. They had so many fruity wines that I had to refrain from buying the store!


I ended up buying peach bread, corn, sweet potatoes, and peaches.


And of course all the apples I picked! I got a mixture of Gala and Jonathan….the Jonathan apples remind me of Hungary. They were the apples that I always bought from the supermarket.


While I sit here and blog I’m having a nice glass of peach wine….it is the wine of the month!


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