Earth Fare

6 Sep

On Saturday I met up with Madelyn for a day of shopping. It was our second annual ultra nail polish sale event. I know we get excited over little things. While we were over in the summit we decided to check out the organic supermarket Earth Fare.


It was like shopping at Whole Foods with less people, which could be because we went there in the middle of a down pour. What I liked about our experience was they offer coupon books when you enter the store. The books were pretty good in size so there was a discount for everyone. They had a huge selection. The food does not contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, bleached flour, synthetic growth hormones, and no artificial sweeteners.


They had a large selection of pour it yourself products.


For lunch we headed over to Qdoba. I had the naked burrito w/ chicken and veggies as well as 3 cheese nachos.


My lunch date, Madelyn. She understands I’m a blogger so she dutifully poses for pictures and lets me know when there are blog worthy events in Louisville!


After we did a few more hours worth of shopping we ended up at Orange Leaf for some froyo!


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