Watches, Watches, Watches

8 Sep

I can not decide on what heart rate monitor/ distance measured I should get.


I went to best buy with the intention of picking up a Garmin however with the price I just couldn’t justify the buy. It seems like the best watch out there but costs $250 for the forerunner 310xt. The watch it for triathletes, while I’m not at that level it had many features I wanted.


I ended up buying this Nike+Sportswatch. I wasn’t even sure at the store if this watch had what I wanted. I knew I wanted that could measure distance indoors/outdoors. The sales lady convinced me that it could measure distance without the extra foot sensor. The foot sensor is the apple based sensor. I have had bad experiences with the sensor in the past and did not want to have to be tied to it. Once I got it home I realized that the sales lady was wrong, it would not work indoors. Disappointed I returned it to the store immediately. I thought I had found the one.


I went back and purchased this watch. The Timex Ironman I actually saw the male version of this watch. It measured both distance and heart rate. It was what I wanted. I picked up the female version thinking it would do the same. Unfortunately it only measures heart rate.I will probably end up taking this one back also.

I also considered the FitBit and Body Media Fit.

This whole process has been difficult. I have yet to find anything that meets my needs and my budget. I hope I find something soon. I’m going to keep looking because I am sure there is something out there that I will like!


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