Book club

22 Sep

I was invited to a book club by my fellow blogger Tarah. Needless to say I was a little skeptical because me in social situations never mix. I usually talk myself out of going because I am super shy. However I didn’t want to miss out so I sucked it up and despite getting lost I went!

We had the meeting at Ghyslain which is a French restaurant located in downtown Louisville. I ordered the Italian baguette with chicken and pesto and a fruit salad as a side. Oh and my fancy Norwegian water…


The book we read was “ready player one”. It was definitely not a book I would have picked to read on my own…but I liked it. Was a little bit more of a gamer book and since my knowledge of the 80’s is null I didn’t understand a lot of the references. However I did enjoy the book. I now have to go see if I can find the next book they are reading so I guess first thing Monday I will be calling the library!


And to end the night I went out with my cousins for drinks…well drink. I love the umbrella!


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