Squat Challenge

2 Jul

I’ve been feeling extra motivated lately. Lucky for me, my co-workers have also. So this month we have decided to do the July Squat Challenge created by OhSoFitSpo.



Starting off at 50! Wait what?! That is normally my end goal! Looks like for this month 200 will be my end goal……I must say Day 1 wasn’t all that bad. I managed to get through the 50 after doing a grueling chest/shoulders workout at the gym. I’m interested to see if I stick with it. I will let you know my progress at the end. If anyone wants to participate with me just let me know! 


One Response to “Squat Challenge”

  1. Nichole July 2, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    I’m already doing it as well. But I think mine is a tad different. I’ll be ending at 250 squats. Either way it’s a 30 day squat challenge and I’m doing the ab challenge.

    Considering I do squats at Curves and I squat while playing catcher at softball, the 50 made my legs feel like jello. I just made sure I stretched it all out.

    Also my brother and two of my friends are doing these challenges! It’s pretty cool! 😀

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