Weekend Update

8 Jul








This weekend was uneventful, but that can be a good thing! I have been cleaning up my house, unpacking some things and trying to downsize. I moved into a townhouse from an apartment and while I thought I would have more space that wasn’t the case! So now I’m trying to de-clutter. Which is probably for the best because I have hoarder tendencies!



I did go out with a friend Sunday evening for froyo and to catch up. This folks is why I can never do Paleo 100%. I love me some froyo. Although my friend did tell me we would have to postpone our froyo and margarita dates because she is going completely natural for the next three month. In case you were wondering I got the pineapple/orange with rasberries and boboa.



I also came across this saying while procrastinating on pinterest. I thought it was very fitting. It doesn’t matter how many times you stop as long as you pick back up. Your best isn’t going to be someone else’s best. I went to the gym Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (!) and while I only did a light workout Friday I didn’t let it get to me. I went, I got in a good workout and I continued to come back. It is funny how we are often more critical of ourselves than we would be of someone else.


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