Italy Part 1- June 2013

28 Aug

I have the heart of a gypsy. No matter how hard I tray to be responsible and make a life in my own country I always go back to Europe. Maybe it is because the amazing experiences I had in my early 20’s when I was really learning who I was. Maybe it is because learning about cultures and differences in people is eye opening. I believe it is mainly because of the people.

This June I once again packed up my bags for a three week vacation. I spent one week with the Spagnolo’s. You may have noticed them before if you are a follower of my blog.


 I ruffed it in rural Trevenzuolo. If you look in the background the yellow house is where I stay during my visits with my Italian family. The white house(the one immediately beside the yellow one) is where I lived when I first moved to Italy in 2006! (Wow so long ago.)

 Being the bad influence I am, I  brought the ingredients to make smores with me. Simonetta (a typical Italian mother) was not impressed with my sugary treat but it was a hit with Davide.




As you can tell by Terri’s face this is definitely a American treat.


No visit to Trevenzuolo is complete without a trip to Verona. Here we are in front of the Arena. Image

With my lovely ladies. We just happen to be standing in the middle of the shopping street in the rain, but we love a group photo op!


Roshni and I hanging out in Piazza Erb. I love how vacant the streets were at night!


At the old castle in Verona


(Teresa, me, Simonetta, Giorgio–Back row. Roshni and Davide–front row.)

Just for good measure, this one was taken in 2007.

I have known the Spagnolo family for 7 years. It amazes me that we have kept in touch through distance and language barriers. They teach me so much about myself every time I visit and I truly consider them to be family. I make yearly visits back to Trevenzuolo. I have missed only one year in 7 years, which I think is pretty amazing. Out of all the places I have been this one really feels like home.


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