About Me

My name is Meagan and I am the 24 year old blogger of The International Loser.


I am a lot of things. I am a traveler, a student, a daughter/sister/friend, and on the path to being healthy! My blog was created for me to follow the road to getting healthy, however lately I have been posting more travel stories and real life issues.


I have gone from eating fast food daily, to cooking healthy meals. I have gone from not exercising, to doing so daily. I have gone from being the girl who hides from the camera and forces a smile to the girl who loves being photographed even in a sleeveless tank!

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My Weight Loss Story


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Debbie B. February 4, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂 I try to cook at home as much as possible now too, it’s amazing how much of a difference that makes! I struggle getting to the gym regularly but it always feels good to be active so try and make myself stick to it!

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