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10 Sep


Sunday I went to brunch with Tarah from What I Gather. We have been planning to go to Ramsi’s for a year now. Luckily we finally made it. Ramsi’s is located in Louisville on Bardstown Road. They have a big menu, here is a blurb from their website.

Close to half of our huge menu (100 dishes and counting) is vegetarian. 30 percent is vegan. Many dishes are available Gluten free. And now, we are bringing you certified organic and local produce, eggs and chicken from our own farm, Raising Hope Organic Farm. You have choices when you eat here!

This is a great place to go, especially when going out with people with dietary restrictions. They had a lot of options for brunch, and even an omelet bar! There was plenty of food for everyone, and not the normal buffet kind where it looks like it has been left out for days. I would definitely recommend this one. I can’t wait to go back and try their actual menu!


Mojito Tapas

7 Aug

Saturday night I tried a new resturant. I wanted something ethnic, and while Mexican and Italian are the ones you can ususally find me at I wanted to try something new. I ended up going with my friend Ashley. After much debate we settled on Spanish, and that is how we ended up at this little resturant in Louisville called Mojito Tapas.


Taken from the website; Tapas are small “little dishes” of any entrée, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Tapas originated in medieval Spain and remain a strong Spanish tradition today. Throughout Madrid, you’ll find tapas passionately enjoyed for lunch, dinner and late night snacks.


Started the night off with a Mojito of course! This was a Mango Mojito.

Since there were so many great food options we decided to order three and share them. Especially since Tapas are meant to be shared!


Stuffed corquettes with ham and cheese.


Sweet Potato fries w/ a honey dip


and Dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon.

I feel in love with the sweet potato fries and their dip! They were delish. Everything was great! We had good service, decent prices, and a nice seat on the patio. I would definetly recommend it!

The Grape Leaf

14 Jun

So since moving to Louisville I have been able to meet friends and experience new cuisines. Sunday was no exception. A few friends and I headed to The Grape Leaf (not the Grape Vine, which I had been calling it all week). It serves Mediterranean food, although I’m pretty sure it is all Greek. We were looking for Armenian, but were not able to find any locally.

We had a Keeping Up With The Kardashians party, which means we went to dinner, baked cupcakes, and watched KUWTK. Madelyn, is an awesome cupcake maker, designer so I’m going to be getting her to start blogging soon, but we settled for store boxed cupcakes in the meantime. Here are some pictures from the night.



The appetizer, Grape Leaves—split between us four.


We started off with salads, mine was Greek….and awesome.



Dinner, which consisted of the Chicken Sumac


Dessert, Walnut Baklava split between us four.



And the rest of the night was spent like this!

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A random trip to Kroger, cupcake making, and the Kardashians. Next Sunday Chyla is hosting so we will be having a home cooked Southern meal. The best part is we have a whole list of places we will be checking out on Sundays.  

Kitchen overhaul

8 Jun

My kitchen was a mess. A hot mess. Luckily I have an amazing mother who came over and cleaned my house, well all except the fridge. That was my job…..

and I would rather avoid the kitchen at all costs lately. I am one of those people who buys produce and it wastes because I don’t do anything with it. Well I decided to change all that and organized the fridge and made some prepared meals before the items went bad.


The before….




And after….



I love the organized look. I moved all the healthy stuff up front so it will be easy to reach for. I am lucky to have good friends as Chyla donated most of my freezer stuff. She stocked me up on a lot of chicken and turkey products, so I will need to be making meals in the future and not relying on prepackaged meals.

While organizing I prepared some….


hardboiled eggs


Greek salad


homemade ice cream

S5002235  and some fruit smoothies

All the while I had a little helper….This little demon attacked me the whole time I was in the kitchen since she thought it was play time.



I’m really happy with the new kitchen. I want to start using the kitchen to prepare healthy meals and move away from processed foods. The first step is the kitchen organization and pretty soon I will be a chef in my own kitchen!

International Dinner Night

3 Jun

It is no surprise that I love all things international: the places, people, languages….and food. Well since the move I have discovered more international dinning that goes beyond Chinese and Mexican. There are so many places that I want to try (in moderation of course). So far I have been recommended to Vietnamese, Ethiopian, and Nigerian, and honestly I can’t wait because it will be a new experience.

Last night I went to Havana Rumba with my new Louisville friend Chyla, who is a great influence and has introduced me to Zumba and step aerobics classes!

2011-06-02 19.04.36


We started off with amazing bread, which I could have ate as the meal! The butter was amazing, but I had no problem limiting myself to just one.

2011-06-02 18.52.26

And for dinner I had this, Fricase de Pollo.

2011-06-02 19.03.34

Which consisted of boneless chicken and potatoes, slow cooked in a wine tomato creole sauce. Served with rice, black beans, and sweet plantains. It was a lot of food and made for two meals.

Chyla ordered the Camarones al Ajillo

2011-06-02 19.03.51 

It was a great meal, and I discovered that I enjoy Cuban food. I can’t wait for the next foreign experience!

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