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It’s been a long time

22 Apr

Wow time sure does fly! I always mean to get on here and update the blog, but then I get distracted by something else and months go by. Since I left off I competed in a Biggest Loser competition at work (and I won!). Managed to kick 10 pounds to the curb in the two months we did the challenge. Immediately following I started The Superhero Challenge. It was a mix of Paleo and crossfit. I loved it. Well most of the time. It took a minute to beat the sugar cravings and to stop having headaches, but once I got through the withdrawal symptoms I really enjoyed it. The challenge was 21 days. My friend/co-worker and I took it an additional week. I can definitely see myself sicking to something like Paleo. Once you start changing the way you eat you really don’t crave the things you once had to have. 20140422-102246.jpg

This is what I’ve been doing, gym, sweat and Paleo!

I also started running…..well more walk/jogging. I have a 5k coming up in May, and I need to train. I haven’t ran since I lived in Hungary. I’m pretty sure I was dying after the first 30 seconds. It was awful. I hated every minute of it…..but now I’m up to alternating 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, and 3 minutes running. I couldn’t imagine not going out everyday and doing it. I have recruited some of my friends and we go running after work and on the weekends. I was surprised at first at the reaction I was getting from people, maybe I thought someone would say something offensive about someone my weight running. However the opposite has happened. A lot of runners (you know the in shape hella intimidating ones) say hello and wave and are encouraging. It makes in easier to push through with encouragement! I have a goal set in mind for the 5k, I want to finish. Finishing would be amazing. I’ve always talked a big game about 5ks I will do, but I never registered and never trained. Now I’m registered and have started to train….can’t wait to see if I finish! 20140422-102301.jpg

My pre-run face

Running=Epic Fail

25 Oct

Today I wanted to implement my running training by running outside. It was a massively epic fail.

Pre-run I followed all the steps listed in the “Start Running” book, I did the pre-stretching everything. I even mapped my run today to make sure I got the full mile in (the concept is add a mile every week).Even though it was raining I still decided to go out there and do it, because it is Monday and Monday shapes how the week will go for me. Not running today would mean the rest of the week I’d make excuses about starting next week.

Here I am in my pre-reality check phase, ie before I went running!


So I was a minute into running before I realized how difficult running really is. I’m overweight, sure, but I kick butt on an elliptical, run in place for an hour and can walk for hours. Running outside should have been a piece of cake, right? Wrong! I was gasping for breath and my lungs hurt at 1:30, no not one hour thirty minutes, one minute thirty seconds! Wow, the runners out there make it look easy.

So I wasn’t as prepared for running as I thought I would be. I went into today’s run thinking it would be a piece of cake, psh only a ten minute/ or one mile run. Easy. I would do it and come home no problems. I was so wrong it is unreal.

The “Start Running” book also had a walking section, which I did read. I mistakenly thought that I could skip right to the running section, even though the author clearly states start by walking then run. Yep I needed this reality check today. I need to start with the walking section and build my way up to the running.

I will fully admit I was embarrassed for thinking I could run easily, but it was a good reality check. I just realize that I have to start by walking/jogging and build my way up to a run. This reality check just makes me want to run even more! You just wait soon I will be running marathons! Okay maybe not soon but in the future I will!


What are your feelings on running?

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