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Taste Test Tuesday-Talenti Gelato

10 Sep

I have decided to do Taste Test Tuesday’s. A blog post that will share new products I have found. I’ve definitely been venturing out with the products I have been using and figured why not share my opinions and give my readers some suggestions.

This week I went with Talenti Gelato.



I’ve always believed gelato is 100% better than regular ice cream. I’m not sure if I just believe this because I am a gelato junkie or because it reminds me of Italy. Either way this brand is the way to go! Talenti is as close to the real deal I have found stateside in years.

Here is a blurb from their blog:

Our gelato is made with fresh, hormone-free milk and only pure cane sugar. Not only is it delicious, but with 30% less fat than regular ice cream, it’s also a healthier alternative.

30% less fat? Yes please. Add in the hormone-free milk and great taste. I think I may have found my new favorite. They offer some amazing flavors. I picked up Caramel Cookie Crunch and Black Raspberry Chocolate. I can say I did not make a mistake with the flavors I picked. They have a variety of different flavors in the store, and even more on their website. I was a little disappointed to see flavors I would like to try online that are not in the store.

Where can you buy it? The have a lot of different locations from Kroger to Target to Whole Foods. They also have a store locator.

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