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Sunday Fun at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

28 Oct

I definitely know how to do a Sunday right. It was the perfect day to round up some co-workers/friends and head to Huber’s, the local Orchard and Winery for a little fall fun

20131028-081447.jpgWe started out with a wine tasting. We were each able to pick 8 different types of wine to try. I was pretty impressed, I think out of the wine I sampled there was only one I did not like. (And I got to keep the glass so now I have a pair!)20131028-081501.jpgAfter the wine tasting we bought a bottle and went out side and listened to the band. We also order the baked brie (it was amazing, and not pictured.)20131028-081655.jpgWe finally set out to go pick pumpkins! We of course brought a bottle along with us and made our own picnic in the pumpkin patch.20131028-081613.jpgWe found three small pumpkins, which I don’t even think they can be called pumpkins seeing as how they were the size of a seed.20131028-081531.jpgBut they had plenty of big pumpkins to choose from. This guy was on the small end of the pumpkins in the field. I wish they had more variety, the pumpkins were all huge and a lot of them were really damaged.20131028-081632.jpgWe finished out last bottle and could not find pumpkins that we were happy with. We ended up at the gift store and picked out some little ones. It was definitely a great day. We had perfect fall weather and good laughs. It was a great way to spend the day!

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